Laura Schultz for Playboy Germany – PlayboyPlus

Travel to Ibiza with the International Playmate, Laura Schultz, in her pictorial for Playboy Germany by the photographer, Jeean Alvarez. Through the Playboy shoot in Ibiza, which was my first nude shoot ever, I got to know my body better, shares Laura of her experience. I’ve never really looked at myself naked before. When I saw the photos, I thought, Wow, Laura, you look great!’ I really enjoyed it. Laura loves to take care of herself physically and mentally it’s a way for her to stay grounded. I am a person who deals a lot with their inner being. I often meditate, do yoga, and read a lot, she shares. This way, you get to know yourself better, but also get to know other people better. This inner work leads to acceptance. Perhaps my most important realization so far? That I am lovable, says Laura. I used to think I had to do something to be loved. I am loved for what I am, not for what I do. Don’t miss more International Playmate pictorials like Laura’s here on Playboy Plus. exclusive photos and videos from PlayboyPlus