Lisa Modpali in Low Tide – PlayboyPlus

Travel to Spain with newcomer Lisa Modpali, a model from Regensburg, Bavaria. On location with the photographer, Henrik Pfeifer, get to know Lisa as she poses seaside. I often seem cold to the outside world, but I’m not [that way]. If you know me well, [you’ll know] I’m a warm, loyal, open person with a goofy side, she shares. I feel like I laugh at everything. I’m full of life, creative, and empathetic. Lisa is excited to be on set today. I’m proud of everything I’ve accomplished so far in my life, but I’m particularly proud that I made it into Playboy, she smiles. How do I feel about posing nude? I love showing myself naked. I feel comfortable in my body and have no problem showing myself like [this]. Stay tuned for more from Lisa Modpali here on Playboy Plus! exclusive photos and videos from PlayboyPlus